guilty pleasure

thanks to Pastor Brian's TIVO I am back on track with 24. This season has been incredible already. it has been crazy watching it live tonight, I'm not used to commercials. Not quite sure how they're going to amp the show back up after a lot of fireworks already, but i have faith.


Life is kinda crazy and all that good stuff april is faraway. That sounds good hopefully Andra will be able to come but with the way things are going right now I dont thnk so! Tell everyone I say hello! I have been snooping around and there is not alot of places but I will keep searching I was thinking the mudd puddle as a spot? Anywho be easy Pray Hard and rock on.

Ben :-)

25th Anniversary Jamboree

Ben, Ruth, and Luke,

We need to begin planning Mom and Dad's big party. How about we use that as a good excuse to all hang together? Could the three of you travel up here for a weekend in April so that we could hang out and work together? I'd come home, but my vacation time is all used up because of the London trip and the Marathon. Ben, you could bring Andra, Ruth you could bring Doug, Luke, you can bring the Latino princess Ruth brings back for you from Argentina. We would make reservations, create the invitations, assemble the guest list, call the relatives, get them on board for our gift, ect.... We'll buy a ton of food, feast together, get some golfing and disc golfing in. What do you say?

April 7-9 or 21-23 would work out for me.


Christmas Eve

Do we have Christmas Eve plans yet? Do we know where we might be celebrating?

I'd like to go up to Lansing to worship with old friends up there and bring along as many of you as would want to go. they have a 5, 6:30, and 8:30 service so i'm hoping we can work this around family plans.




hey hey maybe all of u guys could put together for a 20gig Ipod for me for my christmas/birthday present



christmas list update

here are some more Christmas goodies I've been thinking about

Seasons 4,5, and 6 of Seinfeld

Season 4 of "24"

A Plane ticket to London



...will be praying ben.
Christmas. ah yes. Jed, are you coming for thanksgiving? look through my photos and art work and i will perconalize, crop, frame whatever you want. I have a pen abstract drawing in mind that you might like! ben what do you want/ need? same for luke. i am putting together a list. all rediculously practical stuff that i have had a list for me to get all year. but oh well : )
I am going to buy a ticket this week for argentina. yikes : 0 .... i will be there jan 7th- feb 18th . pray i get a scholarship i applied for for Salisbury university. availability of scholarship assistance and the likes will determine alot.
love y'all. ....................RUTH.....................


You guys can pray for me this week I have not learned how to deal with all the niose and stress of the real/fake world and I have melt downs. I need to figure out how to depleasurize. Thanks
Ben :-)


Christmas List

It's not too early to be asking, right?

Itunes Music Card - Whatever Amount

Complete Set of Cavity Back Irons (Includes Sand Wedge, Pitching Wedge, 9-4 [some include 3,2 which would be a plus])

A Car

A Framed Fenway Park Picture which includes the skyline of Boston

More of Ruth's pics blown up and framed

Starbucks Gift Cards



did you win?

dad, I got 100's across the board in class this week - how you doing? :)